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Shea philosophy
The idea of the Shea Beauty Bar came from Asia
While travelling Asia we became fans of natural stream in beauty and health. We brought this philosophy with us and adhered to the thought that the only you need are: simplicity and benefit.
Your haircut may be long and romantic or short and frisky, but your hairs must be strong and healthy . Any hairstyle must be comfortable every day. No more chemical staining and perm.

We care about your skin. We use cosmetics sanely, just to make you look fresh and sustain your beauty. Daily or evening makeup will look natural and suitable in any situation.
We can make any hairs be strong and healty and create a haircut for being on top in any situation.
— Wash and care with natural cosmetics
— Styling (Scisors, shaving, special methods)
— Drying and stylinng
— Wash and care with natural cosmetics
— Styling
— Accesoires for your style included
— All our tones are natulal for all types of hairs and skin
— Drying and styling
Skin Care
We believe that makeup should not be your alter ego but jut invisible part of you just to help you to stay fresh
— Our natural Korean products are included
— Washing hairs
— Styling with scissors and drying
— All accessoires are included
— 1-hour long procedure
— Washing hairs
— Head massage
— Natural masks with natural Korean products
Our Products
We use only healthy cosmetics from China, Korea and Japan
Following our traditions, we would like to introduce you our collection of great quality products from Asia. We bring it ourselves from different cities and always monitor the quality of each jar.
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Bruksgatan 3
211 22 Malmö
We are located in the northern part of the city. Get from the centre in 15 minutes. The nearest subway is the North Road.