Karma Breakthrough
Theta Healing course 15 - 17 December
Manifest your
Eternal Soul Mate

18 - 19 Desember
Official Representatives of ThetaHealing®
in India
Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul will
conduct this great course for you in Moscow

Why sometimes you realize that whatever you do, what techniques or masters you apply, still there are some aspects of life that you can't change?

You are trying your best, spending energy, time and money, but there is no result!

Then You are ready to learn about karma
and finally to change it once and for all!
This fall, for the first time in Moscow, You will have an opportunity to make a breakthrough in your life by changing your karma!
Karma Breakthrough
Moscow, Desember 15-17, 2017
New ThetaHealing® elective course teaches us how to change your karma effectively, using the true knowledge.

What a human being takes when he leaves the Earth?

It is not money, but knowledge
and karma.

Vianna Stibal says that humans use hate, anger and fear as crutches to continue to reincarnate and to become a master getting a certain virtues in beliefs and behavior.

«Karmic breakthrough» is an important step on this way.
Knowledge is the goal of a mankind.

In accordance with the Law of Karma, the way of thinking which we bring into present life is our karma. If we have beliefs or way of thinking that are not "good enough", then these beliefs will inevitably attract to our lives people and circumstances that will make us feel weak and (or) bad.
During the course
  • You will learn the secrets of the Law of Karma, its principles and consequences.
    You will learn how to manage it spiritually, so to activate the Kundalini energy (Prana Kundalini). When our Prana Kundalini is activated it leads to accumulation of divine wealth, health and love, harmonious family life.
  • Further practice of the technique leads to very high level of evolution of the soul
    and higher levels of Kundalini energy activation.
  • Every thought is a cause and every cause will have a consequence.
    Most of us wants to have joy and happiness in life, but we are not able to create that, because we don't know how to create enough reasons for joy. The Creator knows. We can learn how to have what we want by following the Law of Karma through the vision of the Creator.
  • The reason is that our karma often does not allow us to create something, as we are still working on cleaning up our original debts.
    While we are clearing up our old debts, if we do it not according to the highest and best way, we accumulate new negative karmic debts and all our estimates become wrong.
  • The balance of our karma is known as "Akashic Records".
    It is a recorded history of all our incarnations and life experiences. Our karma is carried from one life to another, so we can't see the consequences of our actions till a certain point of life. Because of this, sometimes there is no apparent connection between our actions and their consequences.
  • The higher is our spiritual vibration, the quicker our karma comes back to us.
    At this time many things on the earth plane obey to the rule of "instant karma". It means that what one gives is returned to him immediately. This is a sign of development, because due to the "karmic balance" the soul is not allowing to accumulate karmic debts.

  • We'll learn the difference between good and evil.
  • We'll have a choice how to create a positive future and destiny easily,
    because we will be able to observe consciously the life that we created until now and to create a future for ourselves, our families and future generations. We will have an opportunity to apply the free will of the soul and to change what we don't want to have in lives together with the Creator.
  • Ignorance is to be replaced by Truth and Spiritual Knowledge, which will lead to Love, Joy and True abundance.
Learning of techniques and principles of Karma Kundalini will lead to activating our Kundalini Prana.
This is a instantaneous breakthrough.
The course will be held on Desember 15-17, 2017
from 10a.m. to 5p.m.

Only for those, who passed Basic and Advanced trainings of ThetaHealing®
Manifest your Eternal soul mate
Moscow, Desember 18-19, 2017
How to allow the Universe to help us in attracting
the most compatible soul mate?

How to build a relationship full of love with the soul mate?
What will be at the course:
We'll find out and learn how to manifest an eternal soul mate.
How to manifest an eternal soul mate
We'll remove blocks of suppression , fear of loosing love and support and fear of betrayal / rejection that harms the relationship
We'll learn how to be truly resourceful and enjoy blissful relationship
We'll learn how to open heart to receive love and give love
How to resolve deep karmic patterns of failure in love and to understand successful blueprint in love
We'll learn how to manage anger and stress for a successful relationship
We'll understand the language of love
The course will be held on Desember 18-19, 2017
from 10a.m. to 5p.m.
The authors and presenters
Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul
Sumant Kaul

  • Official representative of ThetaHealing® in India
  • ThetaHealing® Instructor of the highest category
  • Сertificate of Science of ThetaHealing®
Sumant Kaul is a mechanical engineer and also a President of International Healing Foundation, former champion of India at judo. He currently operates at eight different successful companies in New Delhi (India).

A successful businessman, an intuitive psychic, palmist of international level. He believes that it is possible to be rich and be close to God.

Sumant Kaul researches the Law of сause and effect and how it is encoded in the cells of the physical body and how it influences the nature of life and the journey of the human soul.
Sumeet Kaul

He has the qualifications of an expert in Technology of mental health, hypnotherapist and regressive hypnologist (specialist in working with past lives), also LBLRT. He is a medical Intuit, international Master of ThetaHealing, Psychic, dynamic and compassionate Theta healer.

Sumeet is majoring in electronics and communications. He also is a Master and coach in hypnosis, regression to past lifes and NLP. He stands for love, cooperation and peace - this is a slogan of the ThetaHealing Institute®.
Karmic Breakthrough
December 15-17, 2017
  • Payment before August 15:
    deposit — 10 500 RUB, main part — 290 EURO
  • Payment before November 15:
    deposit — 13 000 RUB, main part — 330 EURO
  • If paid after November 15:
    deposit — 15 500 RUB, main part — 380 EURO
How to manifest an eternal soul
mate relationship

Desember 18-19, 2017
  • Payment before August 15:
    deposit — 7000 RUB, main part — 190 EURO
  • Payment before November 15:
    дdeposit — 9 000 RUB, main part — 220 EURO
  • If paid after November 15:
    deposit — 11 000 RUB, main part — 250 EURO
Оплачивая участие в курсе,вы соглашаетесь с условиями Договора оферты
The deposit is NOT included in the course fee and is non-refundable:
It is not returned or transferred to other courses (dates)

The price includes:
— Course.
— Translation into Russian (course will be conducted in English).
— Manual in Russian.
— Coffee break.
You can take an individual sessions from Sumant Kaul: palmistry — 90 Euro
theta session + palmistry — 250 Euro
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